Cactus Jacks Spice Company Inc. began operations in 2002. Our journey began when our founder, Trent Willfong entered the restaurant industry in 1997. His love for food and the discovery of unique flavours and spices added to each dish. He made the decision to transition from the restaurant industry and into food service. Cactus Jacks Spice Company Inc. was born.

Cactus Jacks Spices CanadaCactus Jacks continues to grow and expand its operations throughout Western Canada. We are proud to say we continue a family tradition which allows us to occupy a unique position within the industry. With steady growth, we have the ability to constantly bring new and innovative products to the Canadian food service industry.

Cactus Jacks has a wealth of experience in the broad spectrum of both the food and restaurant industries. We continue to strive for superior quality while at the same time, providing our clients with the best value. It is our goal to continually provide the best possible product to our clientele throughout Western Canada.

With our expanding group of sales agents, we are able to immediately provide the required services to current and future clientele. Our face to face approach allows our sales agents to build personal relationships with our customers. This is an approach that we are extremely proud of.

Whether you are looking for the highest quality spices and blends, or something unique to “spice up” your menu, Cactus Jacks is your source. Our primary concern is to help you achieve your goals in ensuring you are provided with the right product. We are looking forward to building a successful business relationship with you!

Stu Rathwell

I’d like to communicate to you the high level of satisfaction our franchise system has using the quality products you supply us.

Our heavy usage in particular of the Cajun Spice has allowed us to serve excellent menu items that relate to our concept. When comparing all products, it’s easy to see why some competitive company’s get away with charging less but quality goes further in flavoring the dish than an inferior product does.

Keep up the good work as Rock Creek is expanding and will require Cactus Jacks product in new markets across Canada.

Stu Rathwell / President Rock Creek Franchises Inc.