Cactus Jacks Spice Company offers the food industry commercial quantities of spices.  On this page we have a list of products and weights we offer.  We also offer all the commercial spices in the large shaker option.

Commercial Spices

SpiceWeight (kg)
Caesar Rim Blend2.5
Cajun Plus2.5
Cajun Seasoning2.5
Celery Salt2.5
Chili Powder – Mexican2.5
Creole Seasoning2.5
Cumin – ground2
Curry Powder2.5
Dilly Dill Seasoning2.5
Garlic – granulated2.5
Garlic Powder2.5
Greek Seasoning2.5
Hickory Smoked Salt2
Italian Seasoning2.5
Kickin Butt Rub2.5
Lemon Pepper2.5
Lime Pepper Seasoning2.5
Little Chicago Multi Rub2.5
Maple Bacon Rub2.5
Maui Rib2.5
Montreal Chicken Pit2.5
Montreal Steak Pit2.5
Mustard Seed – whole2.5
Onion Powder – white2.5
Oregano – whole1.25
Paprika – Hickory smoked2.5
Paprika – Spanish Sweet2.5
Pepper – Black – whole2.5
Pepper – Black 32 Mesh2.5
Pepper – Black Cracked Italian2.5
Pepper – Butcher cracked2.5
Pepper – White 60 Mesh2.5
Pulled Pork Rub2.5
Rib Rub2.5
Roast Beef Rub2.5
Roasted Garlic and Peppers2.5
Seasoning Salt – NO MSG5
Smoked Rocky Mountain Steak Spice2.5
Taco Meat Spice2.5
Whiskey BBQ Seasoning2.5

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Bases/Stocks/GravyWeight (kg)
Beef Base NO MSG5
Chicken Base – real chicken fat5
Demi Glaze2.5
Hame Base2.5
Onion Base5
Turkey Base2.5
Vegetable Base5

Commercial Spices